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Pinning up strands completes your “perfectly imperfect” look. Selecting a short hair cut style means choosing from curly styles, layered hair cut, shag, bobs, and bangs, among many options. The left hand side is short neatly done behind the ears but the right hand side is lengthy up to the jaw line. If you want to really know what blonde girls are really like, you have to take them individually, and then judge their character. The purple eye-liner can really enhance and bring out the green of the eyes. Too many people think that make-up starts with foundation but if you want gorgeous make-up, you have to prepare your skin first. Virtual hair styling gives you the freedom to try all the options you desire. Blond is a hair colon found in certain people characterized by low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin. If your skin tone is very pale, you may want to keep your blonde shade a bit lighter.

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Left side: Left side is short and is neatly done behind the ears. The barbers at the black barbershop in Atlanta even help them in choosing the best hair colon for them that suits the personality. Again, this is a very basic guide : Choosing the right hair colon - Spring People with a spring colouring can choose any of the warm, golden blonde shades, although redheads light ginger should avoid all over blonde as it makes the complexion too pale - try golden blonde highlights instead. For this reason, you will be required to get to know a girl well before you tie the knot whether brunette or blonde. Mixture of short textural and long piece strands is the feature of the right front portion. Examples of Summer Hair colon: Pale Ash Brown, Platinum Blonde, Ash Blonde, Light Blonde. This has to be personal view. With the wrong hair colon, you will more than likely look either pale and washed out, or your overall appearance will look unnatural. When choosing colons, be aware of whether it's a warm shade or a cool shade.

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30 (UPI) -- Russia poses as a greater threat to neighboring Finland with a more aggressive policy on foreign affairs, according to a report issued Tuesday. The Finnish Institute for Foreign Affairs' report concludes Finland needs to be in a better crisis readiness mode. The key points are Russia's energy policy and lack of Western-style markets, the report said. "Russia's foreign policy goals have remained the same for a long period of time, but in recent years its means to achieve those goals have become more aggressive," the report said. "The background of this change lies in the country's internal factors such as dependence on raw materials, structural economic problems and shortcomings in the rule of law." Russia's capabilities in "external military, economic and informational influence have simultaneously increased has led to a changing foreign policy behavior," according to the report. In particular, the report analyzes the implications of Russia's changing activity in Finland's energy, Arctic and Baltic Sea security policies. The report listed policy recommendations for Finland to prepare for those risks. "Neighboring an internally unpredictable Russia that creates international tensions, Finland needs first and foremost to invest in its own society's resilience and in international cooperation," the report said. The report cited the Finnish Intelligence Police's annual review that a key goal of Russian intelligence in 2015 was to influence Finnish energy policy. The Russian state-owned nuclear contractor Rosatom is a part-owner and the main supplier of Fennovoima nuclear power plant being constructed in Pyhajoki on Finland's west coast and to be finished in 2024. The report noted that Russian policy has been to create dependencies in several countries.